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Microblading is an advanced form of semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing.  This technique enhances the appearance of eyebrows by creating 

hair-like strokes resulting in natural, fuller-looking eyebrows. Microblading fades out naturally, usually within 1.5 years.

The procedure can take 2-3 hours - including paperwork and eyebrow mapping for the shape you'd like to achieve.


This service requires a series of 3 Appointments

Entire Service Total  $500


Microblading Consultation

The artist will do an assessment to determine if you are a good candidate for microblading, and discusses the next step of the procedure moving forward. 

30 minutes   $25

 A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to schedule the procedure.


Microblading Procedure

The procedure starts with mapping the eyebrows to achieve the shape desired. Pigment color is chosen specifically to complement each client. The artist applies the pigment using a technique called feathering by creating individual hair-like strokes to achieve the look of naturally full eyebrows.

2-3 hours   $475

$375 deposit, if made during consultation.


Microblading Finishing Touch

In the 6 week  follow up, the artist will assess the eyebrows to evaluate the healing process. A second application to touch up areas of the eyebrows will be done if necessary.

60 minutes

There is no charge for this maintenance service.


It is imperative to follow the after-care plan, as it is important during healing. After-care can take up to 2 weeks.

Eyebrows will appear darker after the procedure, and will begin to peel or flake. Color will fade, and seems to disappear but then returns. 


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